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We MD ALSABIR"AL SABIR CONSULTANCY", Established in 2014, is an Overseas Recruitment Company , which is well recognized as leading professional Manpower Recruitment Consultants. With the operations of the company handled by industry professionals, we as a team are able to successfully cater to the recruitment and staffing requirements of Engineering sectors from onshore to offshore locations.

Here, our expertise lies in offering complete support to client companies for meeting the recruitment and staffing needs in industries like Mechanical & Civil Construction, Offshore Industry, Petrochemical, Rig Crew and Shutdown projects, Oil & Gas industries. The package includes handling complete aspects of the profile from Sourcing, Selection, Short listing, Interviews and Recruitment. Being totally committed towards establishing and maintaining a positive difference to client’s complete staffing needs, we as a leading headhunting and manpower recruitment firm are also recognized for providing exemplary customer service and competent employees to diverse Corporate of all sizes having operations in BAHRAIN ,QATAR, DUBAI, KUWAIT , SAUDI ARABIA , OMAN as well as other parts of the globe.

About Us  "Message From MD" , Mr. Afaq Rasool,

 The world looks at India as the one great source of world class skills in the fields of  Medicine, Health Care, Engineering, Computer Science and many more. Be it the  Scientists, Doctors, Technicians, Truck Drivers or Construction Labourers, hard working  and highly competent Indians work all over the world operating Hospitals, running  Banks, developing Software or Building Bridges, Dams, Airports, Power Plants and vital  infrastructTo tap into this rich and almost limitless resources, you need a local partner  who is not only duly licensed and certified by local regulatory authorities but, more  importantly, one who is fully conversant with the complexities of the recruitment  process. AL SABIR CONSULTANCY is a duly licensed  recruitment agency exprtise in  recruitment services from more than 12 + years and have successfully placed hundreds  of INDIANS in gainful employment in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

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